Programs and environments helping users with tasks.


Third-party services I'm relying on.


Standards promoting interoperable implementations.



I'm using boring low-end consumer hardware, mostly.



  1. My status quo is now mobile-friendly!

    I'm not doing any "device detection" bullshit, so you can just resize the window narrow to test the resizing if you're on desktop. Or better yet, in Chrome or Firefox press F12 then go in "device mode" or "responsive design mode".

    Now I just need to spread this awesomeness to all my other sites, the hard part is done, I think!

  2. I have conveniently consolidated the top-level navigation, above.

    edit: Thanks very much to Birk Hirdman for reporting the long-standing "some text files initiate a download instead of displaying directly" issue! This is now finally fixed.

    Sorry for any inconvenience this has undoubtedly caused.

    (I thought I had fixed this long ago, but I had only fixed it for text files that don't have an extension (like README) and not for those consisting only of an extension (like .emacs).)