In this section, I document only the Screen commands that I use interactively.

My use of Screen couldn't be more simplistic. I only use the most basic commands to multiplex any number of virtual terminals in the one parent terminal and that's it.

Since I don't use the "splitting" features, I like to call Screen "windows" "virtual terminals".

I have 2 permanent virtual terminals, declared in my .screenrc:

In my home directory. I'm thinking of getting rid of this one because I don't really actually use it...
In my repository.

If I want to work on a particular project, I simply open a new virtual terminal, rename it and cd it to the right git repo. I usually work on only 1 or 2 projects at a time in one day.

Ctrl-a a


Send a Ctrl-a to the current virtual terminal.

Ctrl-a c


Make a new virtual terminal and switch to it.

I like to use one virtual terminal per project I'm currently working on.

Ctrl-a A


Rename the current virtual terminal.

Ctrl-a k


Kill the current virtual terminal.

Ctrl-a w


Show a list of virtual terminals and their associated digits.
The current one is indicated with a star.

Ctrl-a digit

select digit

Switch to the virtual terminal with the associated digit.

Ctrl-a n, Ctrl-a p

next, prev

Switch to the next or previous virtual terminal, according to digit order.

Ctrl-a :


I only ever use this to invoke the quit command, which kills Screen.

(The default keybinding is really hard (or impossible?) to type on my configuration and I haven't yet gotten around to assigning a new keybinding for it, but it's typically just once at the end of the day so...)

Here's my .screenrc file (see it on github). It's fairly trivial since my use of screen is pretty basic.